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At a Glance...

  • Hot Cup Die Casting is a totally new method of making high pressure Die Cast components which overcomes all the shortcomings inherent in the traditional Cold Chamber process.

  • Hot Cup Die Casting enables parts to be made with better properties and thinner wall sections at faster production rates and lower cost.

  • Instead of a ‘cold chamber’, the Hot Cup process uses a ‘hot cup’, hence the name. The alloy always remains molten in the cup, with no premature solidification.

  • Any Die Casting alloy can potentially be cast in the Hot Cup process, but it is particularly suitable for the Al alloys.

  • The Hot Cup Die Casting process is the greatest improvement in pressure Die Casting in over 100 years.

What's New

Hot Cup Research Progressing

The Hot Cup project is progressing well with a small team of experienced and talented engineers working through the technology.

Already breakthroughs have been made in some of the more challenging aspects.

The Hot Cup machine is quite unlike any existing Die Casting machine because many of the shortcomings of the traditional cold chamber process have been designed out of the process.

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