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The Hot Cup Die Casting Process

The Hot Cup Die Casting process is the work of Mr E. A. Herman, an industrial engineer, who first envisaged the concept back in the 1980’s. From his work and experience in pressure Die Casting, he could see that the cold chamber process is inherently conflicted due to the need to place molten metal into a cold chamber made from steel. Over the years he has refined the Hot Cup concept and resolved all the associated issues by clever design concepts backed up with detailed computations.

As the molten metal is held in a ‘cup’, the Hot Cup Die Casting machine takes the form of a vertical machine with the top platen moving up and down.


Vertical Die Casting machines already exist, but the design of the Hot Cup Machine is entirely different.

A simplified view of the process is shown in the slideshow below.

Shot Ready
Use the Arrows or the Slider to move to a different stage of the shot.
The Hot Cup Die Casting Machine

A schematic diagram of a Hot Cup Die Casting Machine is shown here.

The shot cylinder is at the top of the machine, (similar to a hot chamber Die Casting machine).

The shot position can be at the side (as shown), or moved to the center of the top platen. 

Machine guards and a transparent viewing window ensure a safe working environment.

  • Molten Alloy is loaded by a robot from the side

  • Castings are removed by a robot from the back

  • Dies are loaded into the machine from the front


The control cabinet and hydraulic supply systems are located in a separate, free-standing module on the right hand side of the machine (not shown), for easy viewing, setting and maintenance.


This modular design provides greater flexibility, lower cost, better accessibility and easier transport.

Machine Range

To cater for the full range of Die Cast parts made in Al alloys, the Hot Cup Die Casting machines can span a very large range:



Clamp,  Tons

    200   T
    320   T
    500   T
    800   T
  1250   T
  2000   T
  3200   T
  5000   T
Very Large
  8000   T
12500   T

The unique design of the Hot Cup Die Casting Machine makes it feasible to manufacture very large machines.

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